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Android App Development Course

Android app development course helps to develop skills in creating and maintaining a mobile app. Developing Android Apps is the base of our Android curriculum. This training blends ideas and helps to practice the applications in the right way. In this training, you will be working with our experts step by step to construct a cloud-linked Android app, and research the best practices of development, and Android development specifically.

SMEClabs helps to combine the basics to advanced levels throughout the course. Android app development course helps to to examine the capability of newbies to create an exciting Android app via making use of knowledge in Java programming features, Android Studio tools, Android Activity components, Material Design, Input Output file and persistence of data, unit testing, and software program patterns.

  • Class
  • Object
  • Data types
  • Constructor
  • Abstraction
  • Interface
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Exception Handling
  • Introduction to android
  • Application Fundamentals
  • App Components
  • Features of android
  • Architecture of android
  • Timeline of android
  • Introduction to android
  • Application Fundamentals
  • App Components
  • Features of android
  • Architecture of android
  • Timeline of android
  • Understanding Activities
  • Adding an Activity
  • Customizing Activity
  • Layouts in Activity
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Android Manifest
  • Linear Layouts
  • Relative Layouts
  • List view
  • Grid view
  • Frame layout
  • Input controls
  • Menus
  • Settings


  • Android design fundamentals
  • Surfaces
  • Toolbar
  • Navigation Drawer & Drawer Layout
  • Tab Layout
  • Recycler view as List View
  • Card view
  • View Pager
  • Snack bar
  • Bold Graphic design
  • Meaningful motion
  • Adaptive design
  • Android Intent
  • Start Activity via Intent
  • Send data to an activity android intent
  • Getting data from different activity
  • Android implicit intent
  • Android Fragments
  • Fragment Lifecycle
  • Android List Fragment
  • Overview
  • Datatypes
  • Objects
  • Schema
  • Json with android
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Wi-Fi
  • USB
  • Notifications
  • Android Menu
  • Android Alarm Manager
  • Android Multimedia
  • Android Speech
  • Android Telephony Manager
  • Camera Tutorial
  • Sensor
  • Android Animation
  • Location based services using GPS
  • Android Google Map
  • Sending Email
  • Sending SMS
  • Phone calls
  • Introduction to storing data in android
  • Save simple data using the Shared Preferences object
  • Read and write files in internal and external storage
  • SQ Lite introduction
  • Storing data using SQ Lite
  • Read/write from a data base
  • Overview
  • Analytics
  • Authentication
  • Database
  • Storage
  • Hosting
  • Test lab
  • Crash Reporting
  • Admob
  • Connect to firebase
  • Cloud messaging
  • Real Time Database
  • Server push notification
  • Introduction to FCM
  • Methods of messaging
  • Google services
  • Introduction to webservice
  • Webservice in android
  • Postman webservice testing
  • Introduction to Networking in android
  • Networking using library
  • Retrofit 2
  • Get operation in android
  • Post operation in android
  • Login page in android
  • Registration page in android
  • List using retrofit
  • Image loading using glide library


** The above is the lite syllabus and doesn’t cover the full syllabus. To get full syllabus  Book a Free Demo Now

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FAQ For Android App Development Course​

The scope in Android app development is increasing and will keep on increasing in India. Companies like Samsung, Oneplu etc have changed their features making a facility for the android apps. There will not be any loss in job vacancies for Android app development. drawings

Yes, SMEClabs provides placement you can visit this website Placementshala to get more details regarding the placements.

With the proper guidance and knowledge from our experts at SMEClabs you will be able to build an app.

Java is commonly used in android app development. Most of the apps in playstore are built in Java. It is also most supported by Google.

It is not that hard to learn Android app development. SMEClabs helps to give the best training and will guide you to develop skills in this field.

SMEC, one of India’s first worldwide EPC contractor company globally recognized for its distinctive services specifically in Marine & Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Mechanical sectors which started its journey in 2001. It has a R&D and training division SMEClabs which caters job-oriented training in various domains which helps an aspiring engineer /fresher or professionals to get a jump start to their career.

Android App Development Courses | #1 SMEClabs
ANDROID APP DEVELOPEMENT - Android App Development

Learn android app development courses from SMEClabs. uild a cloud-connected Android app, and learn the tools, principles, and best practices.

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