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Embedded Systems Courses


Embedded systems are a set of hardware and software that work together to perform a specific task within a larger system. As more of our equipment and products are connected directly to real-time monitoring, embedded systems are becoming more common in the Internet of Things world. Computing systems can now safely monitor, track, and repair networked products at a faster rate than ever before. Computer science can now build these complex systems within a larger framework that makes it easier to govern and implement these components without sacrificing overall control.

Embedded systems are the systems of the future in the twenty-first century, with cellular phones, smart phones, and tablets becoming the major computer and communication platforms. The ubiquity of information and the corresponding need for computing is driving this revolution, which will only be hastened by new paradigms like the Internet-of-Things (IoT). These systems are clearly distinct in terms of their processing requirements, which are highly specific: real-time requirements, high performance while conserving energy, compact code and data segments, and, most crucially, a constantly evolving software stack.


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The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the embedded system stack, with an emphasis on processor architectures, instruction sets, and the advanced compiler optimizations that make use of them.

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The world is moving toward IoT convenience. What used to require a great deal of human effort may now be performed with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Embedded system software might have a simple user interface or a complicated user interface that connects us more closely to the gadgets in our environment. Embedded software can be found in a variety of places, including consumer electronics, automobiles, agricultural equipment, industry, and medical equipment. The development process for this new era might be complicated, so learning about the many hardware and software tools accessible to you is worthwhile.


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Programming for our increasingly interconnected world entails more than simply general-purpose computer programming. It entails a wide range of computer hardware and software aimed at integrating our products and enhancing our quality of life. Embedded systems and their real-time operating systems are on the verge of solving real-world challenges. We can create models to help us solve a variety of problems, and knowing how these systems interact could make you a sought-after skill in this new environment.

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