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Solar panel Design Course - Solar Panel Design Course


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Solar Panel Design Course

This course is designed in a way that you will be able to do the installation, maintenance, and operation of the solar PV System. Learn how to do the solar PV plant layout and to create the SDL drawings by using AutoCAD. SMEClabs provides the best solar panel design course in Kerala. This course will also be helpful for solar designers. Get the skills which is required to install the solar panel based on the energy needs of a given location. During this course, you will learn a lot about PV cells. You will be able to determine the energy requirements based on the location and structure.

This course will transform you to become a professional solar panel designer. Get the knowledge and skills regarding the components and devices which is involved in the design of solar panels. AutoCAD is used to create solar PV designs and it also it can be used to create 2D and 3D designs. This course will train you in every aspect of solar panel design.

  • How solar energy works.
  • How does a solar inverter works.
  • Types of solar panels.
  • Components of solar PV generation plant.
  • Selection of Solar panels.
  • Grid connected solar system.
  • Solar site assessment.
  • Losses of solar panels.
  • Solar panel connection or arrangement.
  • Can different wattage solar panels be connected
  • Battery selection and sizing of battery bank.
  • DC and AC cable selection, ACDB design of solar panel.
  • Cable voltage drop calculation and cable size selection.
  • Formula for calculate effeciency, PLF & cuf of solar power plant.
  • Off grid design and battery system calculation by considering a project.
  • Solar Earthing calculation formula
  • Autocad software training
  • How to design a solar power plant using Autocad software.
  • Solar power plant sld design in Autocad.
  • Ground mounted solar power plant sld explanation
  • Costing of Solar power plant.
  • Solar plant Estimate in Excel format.
  • Solar PV project design using Pvsyst software
Solar Panel Design Course Certification and Training 2024, In this Course you will learn to design, install, and maintain solar pannel assets.

** The above is the lite syllabus and doesn’t cover the full syllabus. To get full syllabus  Book a Free Demo Now

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NSDC 2 - Solar Panel Design Course
iisc 1 - Solar Panel Design Course
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Diploma in Fire and Industrial Safety Management
ESSI - Solar Panel Design Course
CGSC - Solar Panel Design Course

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FAQ For Solar Panel Design Course

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  • PG diploma in solar renewable energy
  •  Solar technician
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  • Solar PV installer
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Engineering technician
  • Sales representatives
  • Quality assurance engineer

Solar panel design course is one the best courses to start a career in Solar energy. This course will teach you regarding SDL drawing and the operations of the solar PV system.

The solar industry is developing day by day and in most countries, solar energy is used as the power source. Solar energy is now being used in airports and a lot of other industrial areas. The job opportunities in this sector are vast like designers, electricians, sales, marketing, etc.

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