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IIoT Courses

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IIoT Courses

IIOT  is the next industrial revolution. The industrial internet of things is the process of connecting industrial sensors and equipment. Because of IIOT, we can say that most industries have been digitized. The Internet of things has made many changes in our daily life, like connecting the internet to home appliances, Infotainment systems in cars, etc.

The industrial internet of things would be really useful to increase productivity and profit. So all the equipment and devices can transfer data to each other because of the industrial internet of things. IIOT would make a lot of changes in our industrial sector. The industrial internet of things can be considered advanced automation. Best IIoT Courses Training Certification Industrial IoT 2023 Industrial Internet of Things courses in India UAE Saudi Arabia Qatar Africa. Many industries are using IIOT so the career opportunities in this field are increasing day by day. Choosing a career in IIOT would secure and brighten your future. SMEClabs provides a complete IIOT package and this would open a lot of doors for you.


About IIoT courses

Learners will be introduced to the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, and will understand how it is used in production, as well as what firms should consider when deciding whether or not to embrace this technology. IT infrastructure, the commercial value of implementing IIoT, and what needs to happen across the organisation to enable effective deployment are all factors to consider. Industry experts will share their thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of implementing IIoT, how IIoT is being implemented in their companies, and predictions for the future of this technology within their industry and across manufacturing with learners.

Today, IIoT is primarily used in the context of Internet of Things applications outside of the consumer and commercial IoT markets, as a catch-all phrase covering applications and use cases from a variety of industries. “Machines, computers, and humans enabling intelligent industrial processes using advanced data analytics for revolutionary business outcomes” is how the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is characterised.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a use of the Internet of Things in industry to modify existing industrial systems. The Internet of Things (IIoT) connects the automation system to the corporate, planning, and product lifecycle.

Engineers will not be able to survive in the world of automation unless they receive sufficient training from basic to higher levels. We’ve created a curriculum to help our trained engineers become industry-ready professionals.

  • Industry 4.0 Architecture
  • Fundamentals of IoT & Wireless Sensor Networks
  •  Embedded C and ARM Cortex Microcontrollers
  • Embedded Linux
  • IoT Protocols & Networking Fundamentals
  • Porting on ARM Cortex Microcontrollers
  • The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
  • MQTT
  • HTTP
  • Web and REST Architecture, Constrained RESTful Environments requirements and Architecture
  • IoT Application Development
  • Difference between IIoT and consumer IoT Applications at technical level
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • NodeMCU
  • IIOT practicing NodeMCU to PLC
  • Thingspeak & Firebase (HTTP ) Cloud
  • Adafruit (MQTT) Cloud
  • Project

** The above is the lite syllabus and doesn’t cover the full syllabus. To get full syllabus  Book a Free Demo Now

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Build Your Career in IIoT with SMEClabs

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is a digital ecosystem of connected machinery, equipment, and devices that can communicate with one another. It is based on the Internet of Things concept. To de-centralize the decision-making process, this cyber-physical system with machine-to-machine communication monitors and analyses physical processes.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects essential assets with superior predictive and prescriptive analytics, and it’s altering the way businesses run. Upskilling in IIoT can provide a huge boost to one’s profession in these competitive times. The IIoT online training from SMEClabs covers key concepts in industrial automation, including PLC and SCADA. Sensor data mining, wireless sensor area networks (WSAN), smart factories, industrial cloud platforms, and Industrial IoT security are all covered. The IIoT certification course also gives participants hands-on experience in the field with practical assignments and labs, ensuring they gain a thorough understanding of all concepts discussed during the sessions.

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FAQ for IIOT Industrial Internet of things Courses

Internet of things and industrial internet of things

IIOT is utilized in the industrial sector while IoT is mostly used in our daily life, like connecting the internet to home appliances.

  • IIOT security
  • Exposure to industrial control system such as SCADA & DCS
  • You would be capable to develop and design different IIOT systems
  • Working with Wireless sensor area network
  • Smart factory designing skills
  • You would get a lot of knowledge regarding the industrial cloud platforms

IIOT would make a lot of profit for small-scale and large-scale industries. This would reduce the cost and save a lot of money. IIOT is affordable and it would also improve the security of the industrial plants. In the future, most industries would implement IIOT.

  • Automotive
  • Power industry
  • Chemical
  • Food and beverage
  • Agriculture

SMEC, one of India’s first worldwide EPC contractor company globally recognized for its distinctive services specifically in Marine & Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Mechanical sectors which started its journey in 2001. It has a R&D and training division SMEClabs which caters job-oriented training in various domains which helps an aspiring engineer /fresher or professionals to get a jump start to their career.

  • IIoT integration Engineer
  • IIoT System Administrator
  • Enterprise Architect- IIoT platform
  • Full stack developer – Cloud & IoT services
  • Practice Head/Technical Architect
  • Students & Freshers
  • Instrumentation and Automation Engineers
  • Embedded Engineers
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineers
  • Solution architects
  • Professionals who works in industrial sectors
Best IIoT Courses Training Certification Industrial IoT 2024
iiot - IIoT Courses

Best IIoT Courses Training Certification Industrial IoT 2024 Industrial Internet of Things courses in India UAE Saudi Arabia Qatar Africa.

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