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QA/QC Instrumentation Courses

Instrumentation QA/QC refers to the quality measures that an Instrumentation Engineer must perform. SMEClabs has gathered the greatest Instrumentation QA/QC training to help you gain essential skills.

According to current industrial requirements for Instrumentation QA QC Courses, all engineers must possess a variety of skills and have experience in more than two specialised areas. We all recognise that construction is a vast and complex subject. Furthermore, a new architect may lack a variety of abilities or specific aptitudes, therefore in order to compete in today’s modern environment (prerequisites), training and accreditation are required to stay current with mechanical necessities. To fill this void, new construction graduates must be trained and certified in specialisation confirmation preparation projects, and their talents.

QA/QC Instrumentation Course Specialization preparation programmes are now considered mandatory in many fields.

We offer top QA/QC Instrumentation Courses which are internationally valid. We have an International curriculm based study materials. By joining our course You will become a certified QA/QC PROFESSIONAL with a high pay in the industry

  • ISO Standards
  • International Codes and Standards
  • Preparation of Inspection Test Plans – ITPs
  • Preparation of Project Quality Plan
  • Receiving Drawing and Documents
  • Reproduction of Drawing
  • Preparation of QC Procedures
  • ISO Standards
  • International Codes and Standards
  • Preparation of Inspection Test Plans – ITPs
  • Preparation of Project Quality Plan
  • RFI(Request for Inspection)
  • P&ID for line verification
  • Instrument Wiring diagram for wiring details
  • Hook up for tubing/air line
  • Check List
  • Instrument loop diagrams (ILD)
  • Instrument specification sheet (ISS)/ Instrument Data Sheet(IDS)
  • Alarm List
  • Calibration Records
  • Cable megger records
  • Pressure Test Records
  • Work Pack Preparation
  • As Built drawings
  • Verification of calibration certificates and Inspection Reports
  • Preparation of MEI Certificate, Energization Notice, Punch-list and System acceptance certificates
  • Final QA / QC Documentation
  • Instrument connections and wiring check up to the controller (PLC/DCS).
  • Inspection of impulse tube, airline, pneumatic systems, hook-up, Inspection of pressure testing /leak test of all pneumatic lines, impulse lines.
  • Inspection& testing of Instrument, Cable Routing, Laying, Glanding, Termination, Grounding and Insulation Resistance & Continuity tests.
  • Testing and Calibration of Instruments.
  • Introduction to ISO (the International Organization for Standardization)
  • Instrument Symbols, Types of Instruments (familiarize with variety of instruments) Flow, Level, Pressure, Temperature, Vibration, Fire and gas and Control Valves
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD) Piping and Instrument Diagram (P& ID) and Isometric Drawing, Instrument Loop Diagram, Instrument I/O Wiring
  • Control Loops and Control Systems
  • Instrument Installation and Testing.
  • Checking the Instrument loop wiring.
  • Receiving Inspection, In process Inspection & Final Inspection.
  • Control of Nonconforming of Items / Products.
  • Non-Conformances for issuance of Non- Conformance Reports (NCRs)/Corrective Action Requests (CARs)/Technical Deviations, as necessary.
  • Calibration of Monitoring & Measuring Equipment.
  • Comply and adhere with Project Quality Plan.
  • Comply and adhere with Inspection Test Plans – ITPs.
  • Comply and adhere with QC Procedures.
  • Verification of calibration certificates and Inspection Reports.
  • Preparation of Construction Check Sheets, Red-line drawing and As Built drawings.
  • Inspection of impulse tube, airline pneumatic air header as per hook-up, P &ID, Inspection of pressure testing /leak test of all pneumatic lines, impulse lines.
  • Inspection & testing of Instrument/ Pneumatic Hook-Ups: Cable Routing, Laying, Glanding Termination & Grounding
  • Insulation Resistance & Continuity tests.
  • Punch-list and System acceptance certificate.
  • Final QA / QC Documentation
  • DCS
  • UPS
  • Fire & Gas
  • Transmitters
  • Communication system cabinets
  • consoles.

** The above is the lite syllabus and doesn’t cover the full syllabus. To get full syllabus  Book a Free Demo Now

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Build a Career in QA/QC Instrumentation

Quality Testing It is generally separated into Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Quality Control should be performed at the point of the manufacturing or installation stage, to ensure that the service is high-quality. However, Quality Assurance in done after the service, to be certain the equipment works in a perfect manner as per the specifications. Instrumentation Quality Assurance/Quality Control is about Quality Measures to be considered by the Instrumentation Engineer. SMEClabs has gathered the top Instrumentation QA/QC education to help you develop the skills that are essential. Instrumentation QA/QC is all about Quality measures to be taken as an Instrumentation Engineer. SMEClabs has brought together the best Instrumentation QA/QC training to develop skills that are mandatory.

The importance or advantages of quality control include the following:

Qa/Qc Instrumentation Courses From SMEClabs

This course is comprehensive and will help you develop your abilities and understanding of QA Managers with international standards and industry requirements, such as the preparation of ITP’s QCPs and stage systematic examination of QA and QC tasks, and the creation of a Project Quality Plan for any projects, as appropriate.

Quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC) engineers are accountable for making sure that the high-quality products and services are offered by their firm. They supervise the production of goods and participate in every step of creating a product, from design and manufacturing through packaging. After doing Qa/Qc Instrumentation Courses From SMEClabs you will be internationally qualified for QA/QC Jobs.

After Completing QA/QC instrumentation course from smeclabs you will get the ability to identify issues in the production and process of products. In order to do it, QA/QC Engineers should be knowledgeable about the products and services of their company and also have an understanding of the problems that the company has faced in the past

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FAQ For QA/QC Instrumentation Courses

Yes, SMEClabs provides placement you can visit this website Placementshala to get more details regarding the placements.

  • Plant Engineer
  • QC Inspector
  • Electrical Instrumentation Engineer
  • Calibration Engineer
  • Instrumentation design Engineer
  • QC Inspector
  • You would be able to calibrate several instruments
  • Industrial plant design
  • You would be able to do the maintenance and repair of several instruments
  • Instrumentation QA/QC
  • Marine Instrumentation
  • Communicating instruments with the controller
  • You would be able to troubleshoot various instruments
  • Communicating instruments with controllers

Yes, instrumentation has a good future you can see a lot of instrumentation opportunities nationally and internationally. Most industries are being automated and instrumentation plays a great role in automation. So you can secure your future while choosing a career in SMEClabs.

SMEC, one of India’s first worldwide EPC contractor company globally recognized for its distinctive services specifically in Marine & Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, Electrical, Pneumatics, Hydraulics and Mechanical sectors which started its journey in 2001. It has a R&D and training division SMEClabs which caters job-oriented training in various domains which helps an aspiring engineer /fresher or professionals to get a jump start to their career.

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