Fintech Excel Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is a cell address in Excel?

A cell address is used to identify a particular cell on a worksheet. It is denoted by a combination of the respective column letter and a row number.

2. How do you freeze panes in Excel?

Freeze panes keep the rows and columns visible while scrolling through a worksheet. To freeze panes, select the View tab and go to Freeze Panes.

3. Mention the order of operations used in Excel while evaluating formulas.

The order of operations in Excel is referred to as PEDMAS. Shown below is the order of precedence while performing an Excel operation. 

  • Parentheses
  • Exponentiation
  • Division/Multiplication
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

4. What is the difference between count, COUNTA, and COUNTBLANK?


It counts the number of cells that contain numeric values only. Cells that have string values, special characters, and blank cells will not be counted. 


It counts the number of cells that contain any form of content. Cells that have string values, special characters, and numeric values will be counted. However, a blank cell will not be counted.


As the name suggests, it counts the number of blank cells only. Cells that have content will not be taken into consideration.

5. What is the shortcut to add a filter to a table?


6. How can we Joint multiple cells text strings in a cell?

We can use the CONCATENATE ()

7. What is the use of VLOOKUP and how do we use it?

The function VLOOKUP in Excel is used to look up information in a table and extract the corresponding data.

Syntax: VLOOKUP (value, table, col_index, [range_lookup])

8. How do we use the SUMIF() function in Excel?

The SUMIF() function adds the cell values specified by a given condition or criteria.

9. What is a Pivot Table?

A pivot table is like a summary table of the dataset that enables you to create reports and analyze trends. They are useful when you have long rows or columns that hold values you need to track.

10. How we can Create a drop-down list in Excel.

This can be done by using the ‘Data Validation’ option present in the Data tab

11. What is Data Validation?

Data Validation restricts the type of values that a user can enter into a particular cell or a range of cells.

12. What are macros in Excel?

Macro is a program that resides within the Excel file. The use of it is to automate repetitive tasks that you would like to perform in Excel.

13. What is the What-If Analysis in Excel?

The What-If Analysis in Excel is a powerful tool to perform complex mathematical calculations, experiment with data, and try out different scenarios.

14. What is the use of a Macro in Excel?

The use of macros allows you to perform a series of tasks repeatedly, and Macros can be used to automate repetitive tasks and instructions.

15. How do we apply advanced filters in Excel?

 To apply the advanced filter, you need to 

Step 1 : Select the data set 

Step 2 : Go to Data –> Sort & Filter –> Advanced 

Step 3 : Locate the Advanced Filter dialogue box, and select ‘Copy to another location’ 

Step 4 : Click OK

16. What is the shortcut to apply a formula to an entire column in Excel?

You can double-click on the bottom right corner of the cell to apply a formula to an entire column in Excel.


If the cell already has the formula, you can apply it down as follows:

Select the cell containing the formula and press CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN to select the rest of the column

Press CTRL+D

17. Name the file formats that are used to save a Microsoft Excel file.

Some of the file formats to save Microsoft Excel files are csv, xlsm, xls, xla, xlb.

18. How to get the current date in Microsoft Excel?

We can get the current date by using = TODAY () function.

19. How do we wrap a text in Microsoft Excel?

We can wrap a text within a cell by simply selecting the cell, and then clicking on the Wrap Text option which is a part of the Home tab

20. What is conditional formatting in Excel?

Conditional formatting allows you to apply a format to a single cell or range of cells based on specific criteria. It makes trends and patterns in your data look more apparent.