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MS SQL Server Developer Course

Our MS SQL certification courses help you to master the languages that are used to manage relational databases. SQL or Structured Query Language is the language which is used to interact with the database which stores data. This also helps to retrieve data from the database. MS SQL language is used in Microsoft SQL server and these are one of the most popular ones in the world. Since AI and big data are introduced, the need for a person who has completed MS SQL certification is also high.

Since data created by the world is increasing tremendously, organizations are looking for people who can manage this data and can create value in it. The people who are working in these fields are getting great salary packages. So learning MS SQL certification courses are a real worth.

MS SQL Certification courses help the data professionals to sort, clean, extract and process the datasets. According to the data, MS SQL are the most enquired courses in 2022. This helps you to get a job in data administration, development or analysis. Best MS SQL Certification Courses Certification Training in India UAE Saudi Arabia Qatar Africa. Improve your skills from today Onwards.

MS SQL certification courses include SQL architecture, database types. This also includes the creation and triggers included in the data.

  • Overview of the SQL Server suite of products
  • Fundamentals of the relational database engine
  • SQL Server Agent and Management Studio
  • Integration Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Constructing a relational database
  • Working with database schemas
  • Specifying appropriate data types
  • Indexing tables with Management Studio
  • Adding, modifying or removing columns
  • Inserting new rows into tables
  • Updating targeted data
  • Deleting specific rows
  • Enforcing uniqueness through primary key constraints
  • Validating conditions with check constraints
  • Protecting relationships with foreign keys
  • On Delete Cascade and On Update Cascade
  • Filtering data with Predicates
  • Sorting data
  • Types of Joins
  • SET operators – Union, Union All, Intersect and Except
  • Subquery – Simple Sub query, Multiple Sub query, Multilevel Sub query, Correlated Sub query


  • Retrieving data with Transact-SQL
  • Employing Query Designer to construct select statements
  • Analyzing data for aggregate functions
  • Retrieving data as an XML document
  • Developing programming constructs
  • Creating stored procedures for productivity
  • Writing user-defined functions to simplify queries
  • Cursors
  • Deploying triggers to capture change events
  • Retrieving error information
  • Custom error messages
  • @@ERROR
  • Types of Transaction – System Transactions User Transaction
  • Transaction Levels and States
  • Transaction modes – Autocommit Implicit transaction Explicit transaction
  • Marking a Transaction
  • Advantages of Normalization
  • Normal Forms
  • Denormalization
  • ACID Properties – Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability

** The above is the lite syllabus and doesn’t cover the full syllabus. To get full syllabus  Book a Free Demo Now

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FAQ For MS SQL Certification Courses

For learning MS SQL server courses you don’t need any prior experience. This certification course helps you to enhance your skills in relational databases. After getting the internship, it will be easier to get a job.

It’s easy to learn and anyone who doesn’t have any prior experience in coding can learn this. It is not necessery to be a hard core person to aquyire these skills.

SQL is a query language and is not like coding in Java or Python. So if you are a person who is not that much into coding can definitely learn MS SQL certification courses.

High paying jobs like Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Researcher, QA tester uses SQL.

SQL is used everywhere. Companies use MS SQL and it is one of the most popular languages which is used in data work since 2021.

This is definitely a good skill to learn even if you are a non technical person who wants to manage and retrieve data for their projects. SMEClabs offers Valid MS SQL certification

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